Defective Medical Devices

Attorney Laura Kalur is experienced and knowledgeable about defective medical devices and products.

The failure of a medical device, such as the DePuy Hip Replacement or the recently recalled Stryker Hip replacement implants, can cause injury or death. Some well-promoted, popular medical implants (such as a heart valve, knee joint or pacemaker) may require yet another major surgery to replace the defective device, often at a greater risk to the patient or with a lower chance of success than the original surgery.

Attorney Laura Kalur is known throughout Oregon and nationally for her experience in representing those injured by defective medical products and devices. She has established a national team of experts she includes in the strategic management of her cases, leading to successful outcomes for those injured by dangerous medical equipment.

Shoulder Pain Pump Injury

Laura has represented hundreds of clients injured by a pain pump commonly used in shoulder surgery.  Many clients who had the surgery were active, athletic and vital – before they had the surgery. Unfortunately, injury from the use of the pain pump doesn’t discriminate by age.  Young, middle aged, or senior, Chondrolysis destroys articular cartilage, leaving bone to rub against bone.  The treatment?  Shoulder replacement – which is a difficult option for most, and does not always relieve the pain or return range of motion to the shoulder.  Chondrolysis, or PAGCL is a never-before seen condition prior to 2003.  Chondrolysis patients are unique, and thus their medical care is unique. Representing Chondrolysis patients requires a skilled attorney who is well versed in this medical condition and the impairments it causes.

Stryker Hip Replacements and DePuy Hip Replacements

Recently, Stryker hip replacement devices were recalled by the company because the metal-on-metal joints shed small metal pieces into the patient’s body. Patients are currently being notified of the recall — which will mean they now face further surgery to remove the defective product. Several thousand hip replacements are performed in Oregon each year.

Trans Vaginal Mesh (TVM) or Bladder Sling Injury

Trans Vaginal Mesh and bladder slings were developed in the 1990’s to fix Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP), a condition most commonly found in women after childbirth or in menopause.  It is an extremely painful condition that occurs when pelvic organs – including the bladder, uterus and rectum, drop into the vagina as a result of weakening pelvic muscles.   Trans Vaginal Mesh is surgically implanted to support the prolapsed organs, but many of the TVM or bladder sling implants have caused terrible complications, including perforation and erosion.

The injuries can be life altering, often with devastating complications to a woman.  Too often defective medical devices and pharmaceutical products unnecessarily put women’s health and safety at risk.  There are safer options than Trans Vaginal Mesh, but many women were not offered these options.  If you are a woman injured by TVM, you deserve a voice and compensation for the injury and damage caused.

Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmaceutical medications have caused harm to millions of Americans, and are often used in an “off label” manner (not as initially defined by the manufacturer). In some cases, their use can be deadly or cause life-altering injury.

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been linked to breast cancer.  Yaz or Yasmin, a birth control pill often prescribed (off label) for acne has been linked to strokes.  Some heart and blood pressure medications have been linked to cancer and strokes.  Some anti-depressants, including Zoloft, have been linked to suicide. The acne medicine Accutane has been linked to Crohn’s Disease and birth defects.

Granuflow or NaturaLyte, medications designed for use in dialysis, cause those who take them to be six times more likely than other patients to develop cardiopulmonary arrest or sudden cardiac arrest.  The FDA recalled this product under a Class 1 recall – the most serious recall category.

Prescriptions that are misfilled or wrongly filled, or used as “off label” without proper FDA approval, may cause serious injury or death.


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  • What Her Clients Say

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