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Injury and death from medical errors and malpractice have reached epidemic numbers. The Journal of American Medicine reports that an estimated 35,000 to 100,000 patients die each year from preventable medical errors, making medical negligence the third leading cause of death in the United States.

The human toll of medical negligence is particularly tragic. Trusting that birth will be safe in a hospital setting, believing that an implanted medical device (such as a hip replacement) will indeed extend an active lifestyle, and incurring injury or death from prescribed medications are examples of patient trust that too often becomes life altering – or life ending.

Medical negligence claims are among the most complex legal cases in Oregon and Washington. Plaintiffs must prove that there was a violation of the proper standard of care, and insurance industry giants often prefer to fight the victim rather than admit accountability or pay damages. Oregon Attorney Laura Kalur has significant experience handling medical negligence cases and has developed relationships with a vast number of medical experts in an array of specialized medical fields that Laura often includes to present judges, mediators, defense attorneys, and jurors with the best possible information. Laura Kalur combines this strategic approach with a proven dedication to those injured by medical malpractice and negligence, giving her clients exceptional care and counsel.

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  • What Her Clients Say

    “Laura Kalur held my hand through the most challenging and painful time in my life. She kept me grounded. I knew she had my back. She knew when to put the gloves on, and when to take them off.” -Kate Baker

  • What Her Clients Say

    “Some words to describe Laura Kalur? Compassionate. Tenacious. Tough. Laura goes above and beyond for her clients. I’ve never met an attorney like that. She is truly a gem!” - Randy Brostean

  • What Her Clients Say

    "I was 23 years old with the world in front of me, but the medical device - the pain pump - was used on both of my shoulders, leaving both severely dysfunctional, painful and limited in movement. Laura is like no fighter I have ever seen. I could not have chosen a better lawyer than Laura." -Client